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Join the mutual efforts of EBMT members to promote all aspects of blood and Marrow Transplantation

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 The Official Journal of the EBMT






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 EBMT Annual Meeting Photo Album

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EBMT Timeline

During its 40 years of history, the EBMT has continuously contributed to the advance of Bone and Marrow Transplantation related sciences. These achievements have been possible thanks to the passionate and dedicated work of the EBMT community. On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary, the EBMT designed a timeline showing the milestones and contributions of the society throughout the years.

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Lulla's Journey

Lulla's Journey is a project lead by the EBMT and Beat Leukemia that explains the process that stem cells go through from harvest to transplantation. The video presented during the EMBT Annual Meeting in Milan, is also available in different languages and can be freely downloaded here, or can be watched directly here.


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For further information about this meeting, please click here: ... Read more >>
​For further information about this meeting, please click here: ... Read more >>
​For further information about this meeting, please click here: ... Read more >>