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Programme Structure

Physician Session Outlines

Opening Session

Saturday, 29 August, 12:30

The Opening Session takes place on the Saturday of the Meeting. Welcome addresses are given by the Congress President, the EBMT President and the Nurses Group President. The Opening Session is concluded with the Keynote Lecture.


Presidential Symposium

The Presidential Symposium begins with the presentation of the Van Bekkum Award and the Basic Science Award. Following this, the top 5-6 clinical abstracts will be presented.


Educational Sessions

Scheduled throughout the program over Saturday, Monday and Tuesday

These sessions are aimed at transmitting the state of the art and major messages of the meeting.


Meet-the-Expert Sessions

Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoon

Meet-the-Expert sessions take place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and require ticket purchase. These sessions are an opportunity for delegates to sit down on a more one-to-one level with experts in the field in an intimate group setting, with plenty of opportunity for delegate-speaker interaction, as well as questions and answers. 


Working Party Sessions

The Working Party Sessions are cancelled for this edition.

These sessions are organized by each respective EBMT Working Party, and are regarded as a forum for:

  • presenting the results of phase I/II studies run by the WPs
  • discussion of proposals for new prospective and retrospective studies
  • an opportunity for interaction with members and delegates to receive input/feedback on projects


Oral sessions

For this edition, no Oral sessions will take place. Those abstracts selected as orals, will be presented as e-posters attached with a voice clip recorded by the authors to explain the main highlights.


Poster presentations

The e-posters will be available during the whole congress. 


Special sessions

Scheduled throughout the program on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

A number of special sessions are organised by the EBMT and EBMT Committees, and are built into the main scientific programme each year.


General Assembly Meeting

At the General Assembly, the President, Treasurer and Secretary Reports will be presented.

Nursing Sessions

Scheduled throughout the program on Saturday (the Educational Day), Monday and Tuesday 

The Nurses programme includes an Educational Day hosted on Saturday, Opening and Closing Sessions, educational & workshop sessions as well as oral & poster sessions.


Paediatrics Day

All sessions will be held on Tuesday, 1 September, throughout the day

Paediatrics Day consists of the Paediatric Diseases Working Party and the Inborn Errors Working Party educational sessions and presentation of selected oral abstracts.

Cell Therapy Day

All sessions will be held on Monday, 31 August, throughout the day

The first cell therapy day of the EBMT Annual Meeting took place during the EBMT 2012. The day forms an integral part of the EBMT meeting and is mainly intended for people working in the cell processing laboratory as technicians, working on the bench, biologists and physicians directly involved in cellular therapy. The program includes theoretical presentations/discussions and sessions considering practical aspects of cell therapy, problem management and reporting.

Psy Day

All sessions will be held on Saturday, 29 August

The Psy Day is an opportunity for psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts of haematology and bone marrow and stem cell transplantation units to meet, share and learn from each other’s practical experiences. The program will be delivered by renowned professionals in the field and will focus on the psychological dimensions of BMT and HSCT, and the diversity of practices across Europe.

Pharmacists Day

All sessions will be held on Saturday, 29 August

The Pharmacists Day, taking place on the Saturday of the Meeting, is a day for pharmacists and physicians working in BMT and HSCT to meet and share innovative ideas and hear from professionals in the field on new and exciting topics.

Data Management Sessions

All sessions will be held on Tuesday, 1 September, throughout the day

The Data Management programme usually consists of Educational Sessions as well as Training Sessions (Data Entry for new users; data retrieval; introduction to MACRO platform). However, the training sessions have been cancelled this year. The programme is composed by 4 educational sessions.

In this edition, registration for the Data Management Sessions for EBMT Member Data Managers will be free of charge.

Statistical Sessions

The Statistical Training Course will be held as a separate webinar this year. For more information, please visit the Statistical Courses Registration webpage.

The Statistical Programme sessions which are included in the general registration fee for EBMT 2020 are the statistics workshop and statistics symposium.

Quality Management Sessions

All sessions will be held on Tuesday, 1 September, throughout the day

The Quality Management Day takes place on the Tuesday of the Meeting. The integration of this program represents a firm commitment by the Society to quality in transplantation. The Quality Management sessions are an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues and share experience in this increasingly important area.

The Quality Management Meet-the-Expert Sessions are cancelled in this virtual edition.

Patient, Family and Donor Day

All sessions will be held on Sunday, 30 August

The Patient Advocacy sessions are cancelled this year. More information is available here.

The objective of this special day is to allow the patients involved in a transplant process, and the family members and donors, to exchange experiences, learn from each other and also learn more about the latest research outcomes in the field from a panel of specialists.

The Patient, Family and Donor Day has sessions directed at patients, families and donors, as well as sessions for patient advocates and representatives.

Go to the Patient, Family and Donor Day page for more information.

WMDA logo

EBMT-WMDA Transplant Coordinators Day

All sessions will be held on Monday, 31 August, throughout the day

EBMT 2019 marked the 1st Transplant Coordinators Day. This Day is a joint collaboration of EBMT together with the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA), and it will focus on fostering networking among the transplant coordinators community, with session content focusing on HLA and donor selection, logistics of stem cells, role of the donor and post-transplant related aspects.


Lab Technicians Day

The Lab Technicians Day has been cancelled for this edition.

Multi-stakeholder Forum on Innovative Cellular Therapies

This session will be held on Monday, 31 August, from 09:30 - 10:30

The 1st Multi-stakeholder Forum on Innovative Cellular Therapies is a forum designed to align regulatory science, practice and health economics with multiple points of view from both healthcare providers and users. It aims at fostering affordable access to innovative cellular therapies.