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EBMT Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassador's sessions

Join the new Young Ambassador's sessions at EBMT 2020 Annual Meeting

Dates and times to be confirmed.

Young Ambassadors Session 
Young Ambassadors: Jeopardy Session
Young Ambassadors Networking

Young Ambassador Programme

Each year a small group of physicians, scientists and nurses will be selected by the EBMT President and the EBMT Annual Meeting President as EBMT Young Ambassadors, based on academic credentials, achievements and passion for advancing the field of HSCT and Cellular Therapy.

Young ambassadors will continue to be the building blocks of the EBMT young community.

EBMT Young Ambassadors (YA) 2020 will be granted free registration to the Annual Meeting 2020.

YA’s assignments

  • Promote the EBMT Annual Meeting among their colleagues
  • Chronicle information from the sessions and share with the young community
  • Be an active twitter participant using the hashtag #EBMT20 and #EBMTYC
  • Participate in the Young Ambassadors Session
  • Participate in the Social Media Session
  • Participate in EBMT-TV interviews
  • Publish articles in the EBMT Newsletter

This list of assignments is not exhaustive. The YA will be able to suggest any other activities that are noteworthy and interesting to the BMT community.

YA’s work and contribution will be posted on the EBMT Annual Meeting Website and shared on social media platforms.

Application process

In order to apply, a candidate must be 35 years old or younger, have excellent academic credentials, be enthusiastic about social media and hold a Twitter account and plan to attend the EBMT 2020 Annual Meeting.

The application is now closed.