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Media Information and Embargo Policy

The EBMT welcomes media interest in the scientific and clinical issues that will be addressed during an EBMT Annual Meeting.

To find out more about the EBMT, please visit

Press registration and accreditation

Press registration is open to any media outlet and /or its press representative with a maximum of two registrations per outlet. The following representatives and outlets are eligible for media credentials: journalists/reporters, freelance journalists, online media, broadcast media (TV, radio), editors, medical journals, newsletters, and medical blogs.

The EBMT Annual Meeting is open to EBMT-credentialed journalists, as well as journalists covering the meeting remotely.

Press registration is not available to industry or its public relations representatives or event management, nor to media outlet managers, marketing, sales or communication representatives. Please check the event registration page to find alternative registration options.

Media outlets and press representatives can register online, as a regular attendee. If you wish to register, please send an email to with the following information:

  • A scanned copy of the press card;
  • A letter of assignment from the media organisation being represented;
  • Two recently published by-lined medical/health/science articles;
  • Coverage from the previous year’s meeting (if applicable).

Your credentials will be checked and when approved, you will receive a link to the online registration form to complete your registration (selecting the “Press badge” option).

Company or media outlet business cards or membership cards are not accepted as credentials.

Press registration is free and accredited media representatives are entitled to:

  • Reach EBMT experts for interviews;
  • Open admission to all EBMT sessions throughout the Virtual Meeting;
  • Press briefing admission (if organised) and embargoed press releases (if any);
  • Access online abstracts, on-demand content, documentation and resources accompanying the Meeting.

The decision of EBMT is final regarding all press registration requests.

Embargo policy

General rules

Any media outlet or press representative wishing to attend an EBMT event and/or to obtain official press releases from the EBMT must commit to respecting any and all embargoes set by the EBMT.

Press representatives who receive embargoed material from the EBMT understand that it is for their individual use and that they will not distribute the embargoed information prior to the release deadline.

Anyone who violates any aspect of the EBMT Embargo Policy will be penalised. The penalty may be immediate revocation of press credentials, ejection from the EBMT event and a denial of access to all EBMT events for a year or more. 

Guidelines and regulations

Abstract availability:

The full text of the abstracts will be made available to the public online, on the Scientific Programme Planner at
in early February. The information contained in the abstracts is embargoed until Sunday April 9, 2023 at 5:00 PM CET, two weeks prior to the first day of the Annual Meeting.

Coverage of information not covered in the full text of the abstract (e.g. additional analysis, commentary, or updated information from those individuals or companies involved in the study) remains embargoed until the EBMT’s authorised release of the abstract.

Authors retain copyright and are free to reuse their own work with full citation to the original published work.

Bone Marrow Transplantation Journal is the official journal of the EBMT. Eligible abstracts will be published in an online supplement to the Journal, the "Abstract Book". No other peer-reviewed journals or online publications are allowed to publish the full abstracts presented at the Annual Meeting of the EBMT.

Specific embargo dates and times:

  • Oral Presentations*:

Abstracts selected for oral presentation are embargoed from the time of submission until conclusion of the presentation at the EBMT Annual Meeting. The EBMT reserves the right to adjust the embargo as needed.

  • Poster Presentations*:

Abstracts selected for poster presentation are embargoed from the time of submission until Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 08:00 AM CET.

*Abstracts included in the EBMT’s Press Briefing (if organised) are embargoed from the time of submission until conclusion of the Press Briefing in which the research is presented or until conclusion of the presentation at the EBMT Annual Meeting, whichever is first. Authors will be notified directly if their study has been selected for presentation in the EBMT Press Briefing and the specific embargo details for their study will be provided.

Guidance on embargoed media outreach surrounding Annual Meeting abstracts

Public Relations representatives are required to abide by the embargo policy governing the Annual Meeting of the EBMT.

Press Releases announcing abstract acceptance

Once an abstract has been officially accepted for presentation as part of the Annual Meeting, you are welcome to publicise the abstract’s acceptance. However, you cannot provide the abstract title or session/presentation information until EBMT has publicly released this information as part of the Scientific Programme Planner by February 8th, so you may want to consider waiting to issue your release until then. Absolutely no data or study results can be included in this type of press release.

Distribution of embargoed press materials

Leading up to the public release of Annual Meeting abstracts, either in advance of or throughout the Annual Meeting, reasonable measures of care should be taken to ensure that media contacts are not only aware of but agree to abide by EBMT’s embargo policy. Press releases may contain full information, including updated data, as long as they abide by EBMT’s embargo policy.

Press releases must prominently display the abstract number as well as the embargo date and time at the top of the release.

Public release of abstracts

Once an abstract has been publicly released by EBMT and the embargo has lifted, you may widely distribute a press release containing the full data, including any additional or updated data that will be presented at the Annual Meeting even if not included in the abstract itself.

Third-party press release distribution

Currently EBMT does not offer any virtual press room. Therefore, the distribution of your corporate and institutional press materials will remain under your responsibility.

EBMT does not require advance review for your press release.  However, your press releases must meet the criteria outlined below:

  • Press releases must directly relate to abstracts from the Annual Meeting and fully adhere to EBMT’s embargo policy.
  • Press releases must prominently display the corresponding abstract number(s) at the top of the first page.
  • EBMT’s logo and/or graphic representations of the EBMT name may not be used without written permission.

Press releases

To receive official EBMT press releases electronically, please contact:

Media Lists

EBMT’s media lists (past and present) are proprietary and are not shared externally.

Social Media Policies

Organisations may use social media to disseminate news and information regarding abstracts being presented at the Annual Meeting of the EBMT. All information distributed through social media channels must adhere to EBMT’s embargo policy. Organisations promoting their research at the event, through Twitter are welcome to include the EBMT’s handle (@TheEBMT) and/or the event hashtag (#EBMT23).

Video, photo and audio recording rules

  • Video or audio recordings and photos (including screenshots), taken during the EBMT Annual Meeting are subject to protection of intellectual property, image and privacy rights.
  • Video or audio recordings and photos (including screenshots) are strictly prohibited during a scientific presentation or session at the EBMT Annual Meeting.
  • Presenters are the sole proprietors of the content they disclose at the EBMT Annual Meeting (data, photographs, slides, etc.). It is the responsibility of the presenters and speakers to notify the audience of any restrictions on photographing the content they are presenting.
  • EBMT’s logo and/or graphic representations of the EBMT name may not be used without written permission.

The decision of EBMT is final regarding all video, photography and audio recording requests.

Questions & Press contact

All inquiries must be submitted in writing to: