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Two Career Opportunities for Nurses

Nursing Research Committee
Nursing Scientific Committee
Nursing Paediatric Committee
Nursing Global Education Committee

The EBMT Nurses Group has exciting opportunities to join the team:

Next Generation Nurse Representative:
This new role creates an opportunity for ‘junior’ nurse working in the field of transplantation and cell therapy to join our scientific committee as a voice for the Next Generation of transplant nursing leaders.

Chairperson of the Working Party Nurse Group:
To provide the WPNs a shared identity and clear leadership to optimise role development, influence and project delivery, we propose the WPNs form a committee/group led by a dedicated chairperson.

Five reasons why you should apply:

1. Have a role at the forefront of stem cell transplant and cell therapy Nurse education and research
2. Be part of the EBMT Nursing community
3. Enhance your own professional development
4. Develop your interests and expertise 
5. Influence the direction of Nurse training throughout Europe and beyond

Please note the deadline for applications to all five career opportunities is on Friday 23 September 2022.

Visit our Career Opportunities webpage to learn more about any of these positions.