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Remote inspections

by Eoin McGrath
JACIE Committee
Inspector Committee
Accreditation Committee

JACIE has scheduled 3 pilot remote inspections for June 2021. Three different centres from Italy, France and UK have accepted to form part of the pilots which will test the remote format.

The criteria for eligibility for a remote inspection is:

  1. for centres who are seeking reaccreditation,
  2. of areas previously inspected and accredited by JACIE,
  3. whose inspections do not require facilitators/translators and (4) able to use the Microsoft suite of online solutions for file-sharing and videoconferencing. 

The scope of the pilot inspections will be a full assessment of all of the Standards relevant to the scope of the application. The eventual accreditation award will be for 4 years. The accreditation certificate will indicate that the centre achieved accreditation via a remote process.  No additional fees will be charged.

Once the remote inspections are completed and feedback received and analysed, we will be contacting eligible centres (see previous news here: to schedule the calendar of inspections for 2021-2022. We are also monitoring the situation in individual countries to see when improvements in conditions will allow on-site inspections to resume while ensuring the safety of the volunteer inspectors.