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First Inspector Session Webinar

Inspector Committee

The very first "Inspector session" webinar designed for JACIE inspectors took place on 23rd June. During the event Tuula Rintala (Chair of the JACIE Inspector Committee) introduced the role and the function of the JACIE Inspectors Committee, Angela Ruso (JACIE Operational Manager) presented the most recent operational updates from the JACIE Office, and Dr Riccardo Saccardi provided an overview about the key changes in the 8th edition of the JACIE-FACT standards. 

The inspector sessions will be a series of webinars and it is part of a new initiative of the JACIE Inspector Committee (established in September 2020) with the aim to bring together all JACIE inspectors and to establish a more engaging relationship between the inspector community and the JACIE Office.

The next webinar will take place on the 29th of July focusing on the lessons learnt from the remote pilot inspection project. Stay tuned!