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Benchmarking project - outcome report

by Eoin McGrath
JACIE Committee
Accreditation Committee

The first EBMT data completeness reports on follow-up at 1-year* were distributed among just over 400 selected centres on Friday, 30 October 2020. The subsequent clinical outcome benchmarking reports for those 268 qualifying centres were made available on 9 February 2021.

This outcome report constitutes the second part of the first EBMT performance benchmark report, extending benchmarking to 1-year mortality. Since any loss to follow-up could hamper the benchmarking of mortality, benchmark models include only those centres reporting an Absolute follow-up is calculated using the methodology of Clark et al.(Lancet 2002).

In future annual reports, beginning in June 2021, the benchmarking of follow-up (part 1) and mortality (part 2) will be merged into a single document.

The data extract for the next report will be performed on 14 May 2021. Any data entered into the Registry by this date will be taken into account for the reports which are expected to be distributed in late June 2021.

If you have already accessed your report or had technical issues, please complete the feedback form. User feedback will be very important to the ongoing fine-tuning of the report contents and underlying methodology.

If you have not yet accessed the report, instructions include how to recover your password can be found HERE

 * The report compares each centre meeting the criteria set out in Snowden et al 2020 ( with other anonymized EBMT centres for completeness of follow-up at 1 year, as registered in the EBMT database. This report is a precursor to the next phase which will be a risk-adjusted comparison of clinical outcomes.

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