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Benchmarking project - data completeness reports

by Eoin McGrath
JACIE Committee
Accreditation Committee

The first EBMT data completeness reports* were distributed among just over 400 selected centres on Friday, 30 October 2020. We are now following-up with Principal Investigators because we are aware that some users may simply have overlooked the email while others experienced technical issues e.g. blocked access.

If you have already accessed your report or had technical issues, please complete the feedback form. User feedback will be very important to the ongoing fine-tuning of the report contents and underlying methodology.

If you have not yet accessed the report, instructions include how to recover your password can be found HERE.

 * The report compares each centre meeting the criteria set out in Snowden et al 2020 ( with other anonymized EBMT centres for completeness of follow-up at 1 year, as registered in the EBMT database. This report is a precursor to the next phase which will be a risk-adjusted comparison of clinical outcomes.

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