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JACIE Surveys

JACIE occasionally opens surveys for public participation, some of which relate to internal JACIE matters, while others are data collection for third parties doing accreditation-related work. See the open surveys below, and access the results from closed surveys at the foot of this page.

Open Surveys

JACIE and Patients

Organization: JACIE
Open until: indefinitely

Among the key findings in a recent report on patient involvement in healthcare was the following:

"There was little awareness of patient safety and quality standards and patients were generally uninterested. Patients tended to be more focused on their own treatment and were willing to presume standards were met" (p.43)

Eurobarometer Qualitative Study. Patient Involvement. Aggregate Report May 2012

We are interested to know if centres make their patients and donors aware of their accreditation.

Closed Surveys

Quality Managers as part of JACIE Inspection Teams

Organization: JACIE

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Since the early years of JACIE, the idea of creating a role for Quality Managers on JACIE Inspection Teams was being proposed. One of the main factors blocking progress at that time was the heterogeneous profile of quality managers in Europe. While in some countries quality managers were clearly identifiable, formal training existed and a standard job description was established, in other countries the role was not clear, was often not recognisable within organisations and there was little or no preparation available.

However, since those early days, the role of quality managers in healthcare in general has evolved and there is now a much clearer acceptance and recognition of the position. Given their responsibility within transplant programmes in terms of the quality management system and compliance with standards and regulations, in 2014 JACIE decided to evaluate the effects of including quality managers alongside scientists, physicians and apheresis nurses in the inspection teams.

Developing recommendations for cell processing laboratory staff qualifications, training, and competency

Organization: Alliance for Harmonisation of Cellular Therapy Accreditation (AHCTA)

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The Alliance for Harmonisation of Cellular Therapy Accreditation (AHCTA) requested processing facilities to complete a survey to assist with developing recommendations for cell processing laboratory staff qualifications, training and competency. 

JACIE Inspector Survey 2011

Organization: JACIE