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Accreditation Fees 2017

The following fees were approved by the EBMT Executive Committee on 09 January, 2017 and presented to the EBMT Board on 14 January, 2017. Effective from Monday 17 April, 2017.

For applications received after 30 April, 2019, please click here to see applicable fees.

Inspection fees per area * full fees fees for ebmt members
1 Area €19,500 €9,750
2 Areas €24,360 €12,180
3 Areas €29,200 €14,600
Supplementary fee per additional site + €4,000 €2,000
Discount per active inspector €

15% - 1 active inspector
20% - > 1 active inspector

15% - 1 active inspector
20% - > 1 active inspector

one (1) adult OR one (1) paediatric clinical site/unit
one (1) collection site for marrow #
one (1) for collection site for peripheral blood progenitor cells (apheresis)
one (1) cell-processing laboratory

$ Where an application includes a clinical unit that is a member of the EBMT, a 50% discount is applied to the Full Fees. For information on EBMT membership, please go to the Become a Member page. EBMT member centres should be up-to-date with their membership payments to the society at the time of application for accreditation.

Applications that do not include a clinical unit, e.g. Collection and Processing service, will be charged at the EBMT Member Fees rate.

Application with Clinical, Collection, Processing - Clinical Unit, not EBMT member = €29,200
Application with Clinical, Collection, Processing - Clinical Unit, is EBMT member = €14,600
Application with Collection, Processing excluding Clinical Unit - €12,180

+ Supplementary Fee

Additional sites are considered to be where the application includes:

a clinical site transplanting both adult and paediatric patients
more than one (1) adult inpatient clinical site
more than one (1) paediatric inpatient clinical site
more than one (1) peripheral blood collection site
more than one (1) bone marrow collection site
more than one (1) cell processing laboratory 

# Applications for accreditation of bone marrow collection will incur no charge when they form part of a simultaneous application for clinical accreditation. Where an application is received for bone marrow collection with no associated clinical inspection, or with an apheresis and/or processing unit, then a fee will be charged. 

Value Added Tax

JACIE is part of the EBMT which is a Netherlands-based foundation. For this reason, no Value Added Tax (VAT) is applied to applications from outside The Netherlands. The invoice refers to the reverse VAT arrangements within the EU and any tax responsibilities should be clarified with the relevant local authorities. 

€ Discount scheme for Active Inspectors

Applications from centres whose staff members have participated in an inspection event(s) in the 4 years preceding submission of the new application will qualify for a discount of 15% per event. Where the centre has more than one active inspector, a maximum discount of 20% applies.
The discount scheme is designed to compensate centres that actively support the accreditation programme by releasing staff members to participate in inspections. This willingness to share the effort has been and remains one of the fundamental factors for sustaining the success of the JACIE programme. For further details, please consult the Accreditation Office.

This is the third JACIE fee increase since 1 January, 2009. Since then inspections have increased from 23 in 2009 to 64 in 2016, with the associated increase in inspectors’ travel and other costs, including the per diem payment introduced in 2014.

In addition, the increased fee income will be invested as follows:

  • Increased training and education
  • Process improvement including replacement for inspection checklist
  • Increased support from central office - additional Accreditation Coordinator
  • Increased per diem payment to inspectors
  • Support development of outcome benchmarking mechanism to facilitate requirements under Standard B4.7.5. including statistical support
  • Support Standards development 
  • Development of 'First-Step' certification scheme for centres in Low- to Middle-Income Economies (LMIEs)

JACIE is run on a not-for-profit basis in line with the EBMT mission and values. JACIE relies almost exclusively on accreditation fees in order to support standard-setting and accreditation activities. The principal costs come from maintaining the small Accreditation Office team in Barcelona and Inspectors' travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. Other activities include supporting the Standards review process, inspector training and systems support and development.