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Data from the most recent survey year are presented at the EBMT annual meeting in Spring and are available to participating teams and sponsors.  

Activity Survey data is always published as a peer reviewed publication in Bone Marrow Transplantation each year. A full set of slides is prepared annually showing the trends and developments over the years. A selection of these slides is available on request. Individual analyses maybe requested by the corporate sponsors and participating teams upon justification of its use.  

External persons or organisations may also apply for access to the survey data against payment of a fee. Please provide detailed information about the data required and its intended use to the Activity Survey Coordinator who will assess the feasibility of the request before passing it on to the EBMT for approval and costing.

Please contact the Activity Survey Coordinator for access to the data.

Transplant Activity Survey 2015​

If you are an EBMT Member and if you want to access the most recent data, please contact the Activity Survey Coordinator.

Please note that some of these data may not have been published and should be treated as confidential. It is for internal use only and may not be used for publication without obtaining prior consent.



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