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Participate in Activity Survey

Participating in the Activity Survey consists of providing an annual overview of transplant activity.

Any clinical units that perform any type of stem cell transplant can participate in the survey whether they are members of the EBMT or not.

The data is captured via a single page A4 questionnaire, whereby each transplanting team can report their entire annual activity by indication, donor type and stem cell source. It allows the reporting of first allografts, of first autografts and of additional transplants performed due to disease progression, engraftment failure or as part of a planned multiple transplant protocol. Paediatric transplant activity (<18 years at transplant) can be reported by donor type and stem cell source at the bottom of Table 1 in row 32. The files for submitting the survey data to the Activity Survey can be completed electronically -on line or off line- or by hand. Depending on the chosen procedure, the survey may be submitted by post, fax or E-mail. 


All the documentation necessary to do this can be found further down here.

Survey data, and any correspondence regarding the survey should be sent to the Activity Survey Coordinator.  
Survey data requests are sent to the centres in December of the year being surveyed and are collected during the first half of the following year. The aim is to have a complete set of data from the previous year before the end of the current year. Therefore, the collection of Activity Surveys from teams for the 2014 year is now closed and the results have been submitted for publication.
The 2015 survey is now open, the first deadline for submission of the 2015 data is the 1st March, 2016.
 What is new in the 2015 survey? 
    Table 1
The reporting of non HLA identical sibling family relatives: any family member with ≥ 2 loci mismatch should be reported as ‘haplo’. Any other sibling or family member having 1 loci mismatch or any other matched family member who is not a sibling should be reported as ’other family member’. See guidelines on reverse of survey.
Rows 1-4: More definition in reporting of AML: 1st CR, non 1st CR, therapy related or AML transformed from MDS. See WHO/EBMT disease classifications for more detail.
Row 30: The reporting of non-1st transplants: report as a total those transplants performed due to graft failure, relapse, other events or are part of planned multiple transplant protocols.
Row 33: Donor lymphocyte infusions: report the total number of patients receiving DLI infusions and additionally the main reason for giving the DLI.
    Table 2: NEW
    Non HSCT cellular therapies using manipulated or selected cells.
Rows 35-41: report the number of patients receiving cellular therapy treatment by indication and cell type in 2015. These patients may or may not have had a previous stem cell transplant


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