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Transplant Activity Survey

In 1990, the EBMT introduced an annual survey to prospectively collect numbers of patients treated with a haematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) according to indication, donor type and stem cell source. Its importance was immediately realised and since then, the survey - known within the transplant community as the Activity Survey - has become a tool for assessing the real picture of HSCT in Europe, recognising trends, illustrating the current status and providing essential data for counselling and planning. Its structure, standardized over many years, and the excellent commitment by the participating teams open the possibility to observe changes over time and to evaluate factors associated with such changes. This Activity Survey is relevant to individual transplant teams, national organisations, health care agencies and the industry as well as patients.

All transplant teams are strongly encouraged to join the survey. Survey data, and any correspondence regarding the survey should be sent to the Activity Survey Coordinator.



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