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Participate in Cellular Therapy Survey
Next to the EBMT activity survey we conduct the EBMT survey on novel cell therapies/tissue engineering. The data are collected on cellular therapies such as MSC, HSC for regenerative purposes using a separate detailed survey sheet:
Cellular therapy and regenerative medicine survey 2015

Guidelines for reporting data to the 2015 survey of novel cell therapies/tissue engineering


If you do not perform these transplants yourself please pass it on to any other department in your centre. Reporting data to the cellular therapies survey follows the same format as the Activity survey. If you or any unit within your hospital do not perform such therapies please return the survey to us with ‘zero’ written across it. 

Related publications

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The Survey on Cellular and Engineered Tissue Therapies in Europe in 2013.
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Tissue Eng Part A. 2014 Nov 25.
The survey on cellular and engineered tissue therapies in Europe in 2012.
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