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Welcome to the nursing section of EBMT

The EBMT Nurses Group started in January 1985 with encouragement and support from physicians working in the transplantation area. The Blood and marrow transplant (BMT) nursing continues to evolve at an exciting pace. Over the last two decades, with the support of medical colleagues, BMT nursing has grown rapidly and has acknowledged the need for care of the patients, their families and donors. Advanced Practice Nurses have been taking a leading role in the care of patients, providing in holistic care; BMT nurses are involved in the decision-making process about treatment options for their patients, and they evidently contribute to an enhancement in their patients' quality of life. More and more, BMT nurses are conducting research on topics based on clinical practice, and are formulating their own research agenda.

The Nurses Group mission is to promote excellence in the provision of blood and marrow transplantation and haematology care, by supporting nurses and allied health professionals in the provision of evidence based practice. 

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