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EBMT-ESH handbook

The 2012 revised edition of the EBMT-ESH Handbook on Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Editors: J. Apperley, E. Carreras, E. Gluckman, T. Masszi

The EBMT-ESH Handbook 2012 is now available online. Click here to view and download it in .pdf format.

To reserve a hard copy, please fill in the request form by clicking here.


This 2012 revised edition was successfully launched at the 2012 EBMT Annual Meeting in Geneva Switzerland.

For the 2012 revised edition all chapters have been completely rewritten and references updated. Changes in practice are also reflected, such as JACIE, indications for transplant and post-transplant immunotherapy.

The disease-specific chapters have also been expanded and included the regenerative disorders. In addition new chapters have been introduced on statistics, methodology of clinical trials and ethics. All chapters include multiple choice questionnaires to test the newly acquired knowledge.

The EBMT-ESH Handbook is supported

by an unrestricted educational grant

from Chugai Sanofi Aventis​





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