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Complications and Quality of Life


The aim is to assess general health status, malignant and non-malignant late effects and quality of life in long-term survivors after HSCT through retrospective studies; to provide guidelines for screening and prevention of late complications and recommendations on screening and prevention of late effects after HSCT; and to coordinate education in the field of long-term survivorship. 



Grzegorz W. Basak
Study coordinator: Steffie van der Werf -



Survey of the use of busulfan in the conditioning for allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in adult.

This study aims to produce a statement of the current practice and recommendations for a standardized policy in the use of busulfan.

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Transitional services:

A Multicentre survey regarding Provision of Long-term Monitoring including transition Services Following Allogeneic HSCT. We are looking at the different models of follow up service for long term survivors of transplantation. For paediatric/mixed adult-paediatric centres, this includes the models of care for looking after children as they transition from paediatric to adult care.


DXA scans:

A multicentre survey for the investigation and management of abnormal bone mineral density after stem cell transplantation.



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Studies Coordinated by the CQWP

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  • Non-interventional prospective study on metabolic syndrome after HSCT

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Please contact the Chairperson or the Secretary.





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