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Below you will find full details of Data Management training sessions offered this year EBMT Annual Meeting. 

To make a booking please follow the instructions and the link below.


Name of the Training Session​ ​Date​ Ti​me​​ ​Who is the ​training for?​ ​Brief Training Description​
​Data Entry ​Monday 27-03-2017 ​9.00
- 12.30
​Beginners This is an introductory session for new users to ProMISe, illustrating how to enter a MED-A registration, including subsequent transplant data and patient follow-ups. The session will start with a Demo of how to enter a Med-A form, given by EBMT Registry staff. There will be time at the end for some hands-on practice using example data.
​HLA Data Entry ​Monday 27-03-2017 ​13.45 - 15.15 Experienced users This session will explain how to enter HLA typing reports. (Users should have attended a MED-A entry training before this).
​Cell Therapy Data Entry Monday 27-03-2017 ​15.30 - 17.00 ​Advanced users ​A walk through on how to enter the Cell Therapy data in ProMISe, with reference to the new Cell Therapy form to be implemented just prior to the Annual Meeting.
​Data Retrieval ​Tuesday 28-03-2017
​09.00 - 12.30 ​Those wishing to learn how to run pre-programmed reports. Some experience of ProMISe is necessary. ​This session will focus on obtaining data listings, frequency tables and cross-tabulations using pre-programmed queries in ProMISe. The session is recommended for those who are already entering data, but need further guidance on running pre-designed queries to help with reporting and management of their centre data.
​Donor Outcome ​Tuesday  28-03-2017 ​13.45-14.45 ​Experienced users A walk through on how to enter the Donor outcome data in ProMISe. The differences in storing data from related donors as opposed to unrelated donors will be shown.

​Advanced Data Entry (Med-B Session)

Tuesday  28-03-2017 ​15.00-17.00 ​Experienced users Interactive session focusing on aspects of data that are difficult to enter with the current navigation.


Please complete the details in the enrolment form below to book a place for the EBMT REGISTRY DATABASE ( ProMISe) training sessions. 

To book, please visit: REGISTRATION



Please complete the details in the form below to CANCEL a booking you have already made for one of the EBMT REGISTRY DATABASE (ProMISe) training sessions. 

To cancel, please visit: CANCELLATION

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