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Contact the Registry Helpdesk with any questions, comments or problems regarding the Registry: data submission, use of ProMISe, clinical content, manuals, training, etc.


You can browse through DATA MANAGEMENT NEWS to see the issues we have been discussing


For any enquiries regarding JACIE, please contact JACIE Accreditation Office


Donor Registries - Issuing Organisation Number (ION) December 2016

Most donor registries have been given a universally unique 4 digit number -the  ION.
The BMDW codes (unique codes representing the Donor Registries) are being replaced with the ION and this number can be found in ProMISe. The WMDA list is available on:
This list also contains some, but not all, the Cord Blood banks. Please enter this number in the form. See list for the conversion table from the BMDW code to the ION:   Old Acute Leukaemia transformed from MDS or MDS.pdfION list
On 7 November 2016, ProMISe was upgraded to version 4
The main feature of ProMISe 4 will be to prepare it to become compatible with other browsers during 2017 (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) in addition to Internet Explorer.

See document below for an explanation of the changes.

 Old Acute Leukaemia transformed from MDS or MDS.pdfRelease notes ProMISe Nov 2016

Internet Explorer versions
We have been notifying users who are still on IE8 to try to get their browser upgraded urgently. Support is already limited for IE8 and by the end of this year it will become obsolete. Users should upgrade to at least IE9 but preferably IE11.


AML navigation changes (30th August,2016)

See document below for an explanation to the navigation changes implemented in ProMISe to the AML

Old Acute Leukaemia transformed from MDS or MDS.pdfOld A

ML transformed from MDS or MDS_MPN. Old Secondary AML. Changes to navigation.


WHO Lymphoma Classification -Actualisation of the labelset in the EBMT Registry  

See Lymphoma labelsets document for a key to the old and new label


EBMT 2016 Valencia

REPORTof feedback forms _ DM Sessions Valencia_2016_final draft.pdfFeedback report

 Speakers slides
Cell therapy for Allografts​ Chiara Bonini
Conditioning ​Hermann Einseler
Inherited Disorders ​Andrew Gennery
​JACIE - the process explained ​Eoin McGrath
​Optimising data collection - Centre presentation ​Camilla Roepstorff & Heidi Petersen
​Burning issues re AML/MDS classification ​Jordi Esteve
​Co-morbidity index ​Roberto Raimondi
Multiple myeloma: evaluating response ​Laurent Garderet



Data cleaning


Duplicate Registrations: How to avoid them: We strongly recommend that you read this document before entering any data into ProMIse







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